Social Responsibility Programs for Our People

At AgroAmerica we care deeply for the welfare of our employees and their families. We seek to improve their standard of living and contribute positively to the development of their communities.  Some of the social responsibility programs we offer are:

The Happy Families Program is a Food Safety program for the families of our workers

Happy Families Program

The Happy Families Program is a Nutritional and Food Security program for the workers’ families. One of its purposes is to help achieve one of the United Nations-led sustainable development goals: to reduce malnutrition and the infant mortality rate.

It is a two-year program that includes training, practical activities, monitoring, supervision, evaluation and support. This program is conducted in partnership with USAID and local health centers.

AgroAmerica is a member of the Food and Nutritional Security Development Council [CODESAN].

AgroAmérica built a Community Development Center in the southwestern part of Guatemala

Human Development Center

As part of our social responsibility program AgroAmerica built a Community Development Center in the southwestern part of Guatemala that houses:

– A medical clinic for all public, with services such as consultation, laboratory, ultrasound, dental care and deworming free days,
– A pharmacy,
– A Birthing center,
– Programs for mothers and children Growing Up Healthy and Healthy Mothers. The main objective of these programs is to reduce mother and child mortality and contribute to the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. (Goal no. 4: Reduce child mortality and Goal no. 5: Improve maternal health.)
– A research center to better understand the health issues in the region and help find more adequate, long-term solutions.
– A school for our employees’children,

The health programs at the center are administered and executed in partnership with the University of Colorado.

Watch the video about the Community Development Center.

AgroAmérica has a private school for the children of its employees


AgroAmerica built and runs a private school  –  Escuela Mojarras – for the children of its employees. The school utilizes innovative methodology and offers a high-quality education at the preschool and primary education level.

AgroAmérica cooperatives aim to improve the lives of employees and their families

Savings and Credit Cooperative  |“Mi Gente”(My People)

To assist employees improve their standard of living AgroAmerica has created cooperatives for workers and their families. Cooperative members benefit from access to financing at a very low cost for housing, land, vehicles, electric appliances, etc. In addition they also have a savings and posthumous care program, as well as access to food staples at 15-25% less than a market price.

Onoging training takes place at all levels as part of our social responsibility program


Ongoing labor training development programs are carried out at all levels, from the board of directors to the field workers. Among the subjects taught are: human values, HIV/AIDS prevention, civics, ethics and technical subjects.