Agroamerica Tropical Oil Holding Corp. owns four oil processing plants, where all of our plants have a traceability system, in which we have installed a software that allows us to track the origin of CPO [Crude Palm Oil] and CPKO [Crude Palm Kernel Oil]. (See the geographical location of our oil processing plants.)

Proccesing Plants

100% of our crude palm oil or palm kernel oil is produced in our own plants.

Each Processing plant includes it’s own crushers, making a total of 4 crushers located inside each mill; in which our Palm Kernel (PK) is processed, allowing us to guarantee the complete traceability of our products.

The three Crushers located in Guatemala run under the RSPO IP model inside our oil processing plants and the crusher located in Panama is RSPO Mass Balance.

All our third party supplying plantations are identified. They are also part of our technical support procedure for producers to achieve complete traceability. You can see their locations here.

You can also see the steps we have taken to support smallholders and outgrowers here.

Refinery Plant

The Plant has the Supply Chain Certification under the RSPO Identity Preserved, Segregation, Mass Balance models and RSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard, which guarantees the traceability of the supply chain from plantation and processing facilities to the certified final product

At 2023, the company's only refinery, Agropalm Ingredients Refinery (Mexico) sources from 9 third-party palm oil mills in its supply base. See here


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As of 2021, the Agroamerica company in its four POMS use as raw material 88% of FFB produced in its own plantations and 12% from third-party. For business unit are: Agroaceite = 100% FFB owned; Agrocaribe = 84.4% FFB owned and AgroPalma de Inversiones = 60.2 % FFB owned.


At AgroAmerica we strongly believe that one of the drivers of economic growth and development is investment in infrastructure and innovation; thereby contributing to employment generation and the Gross Domestic Product by promoting a sustainable industry, using resources more efficiently, adopting environmentally sound technologies and processes.

4 Tropical Oil Processing Plants

Our oil processing plants are integral, since we process and extract tropical oil, generate clean energy and follow global standards; operating with the highest quality standards under international regulations and with the most advanced technology.

Our Infrastructure

We have calculated the area covered by the construction of our processing plants, click here to see our infrastructure area.

1 tropical oil refining plant

We have a refining plant located in Mexico with an operating capacity to produce 180 Tons per day of Refined, Bleached and Deodorized (RBD) Oil; which eliminates the content of fatty acids, humidity and impurities and obtains products such as olein and stearin for human consumption and as raw material for personal care products.

Certification Status

Agroamerica has committed to building a 100% transparent, traceable and sustainable palm supply chain by 2025 (FFB) and 2030 (Oil). As added to No Deforestation pledge, in Traceability our commitment is: All tropical oil volumes we produce, trade (ship and physically handle) and process will be traceable to sustainable mills and plantations by 2025 (FFB) and 2030 (Oil). In our sustainable work, we actively pursue certification of all our oil palm plantations under global sustainability standards, such as the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard (RAS). Agroamerica Tropical Oil Holding Corp has already obtained group-level RSPO membership, consolidating the subsidiaries. In 2022, the company achieved 100% RSPO certification of all four (4) palm oils mills and palm crops. The audit of attaining RSPO certification of the plant located on the Southern Coast of Panama has already been satisfactorily  passed . As of 2021, 92% of total FFB supplied by third-party to AgroAmerica Tropical Oil Holding Corp is RSPO IP Certified; Agropalma de Inversiones, S.A. is now certified, in process of receiving the certificate from Control Union. The certification includes the process of supply base see.