AgroAmerica is

Excellence, High Quality and Social Responsibility.

RSPO Excellence Award 2019 in the Community Impact category.

Awards and Honours

We have received various awards for excellence in the implementation of the highest practices quality in all our productive and commercial operations, as well as the management demonstrated in the Social Responsibility programs.

  • RSPO Excellence Award

    The Community Impact RSPO Excellence Award 2019 was presented by the RSPO General Secretary to Gustavo Bolaños -AgroAmerica COO- for the implementation of the “Human Development Center” project. “It reflects the company’s comprehensive vision to provide access to high-quality education & health coverage,” said Bolaños.
  • AgroAmerica won the award for “Best sustainable oil supplier of the year” given by a recognized soap company in the US.  AgroAmerica was awarded the prize, mainly for its Rainforest Alliance certification; which certifies that goods and services are produced in compliance with strict guidelines protecting the environment, wildlife, workers, and local communities.
  • AgroAmerica CEO Fernando Bolanos received the SEN SUSTAINABILITY AWARD in the Inclusive Business and Community category.  The Social Engagement Network (SEN), is a network of members within YPO (Young Presidents Organization.) These annual awards cultivate awareness about inclusive business and community, philanthropy, sustainability and the environment.
  • Gustavo Bolaños was recognized as Best Manager of the Year by the Association of Managers in Guatemala. He received the award for his outstanding management of AgroAmerica, a company that currently has operations in Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador and Peru.
  • Unilever International Award
    AgroAmerica received a Big Tick in the Unilever International Award, category “Business fighting poverty”.
  • Walmart CSR Awards
    Walmart awards AgroAmerica for its corporate social responsibility programs.
  • UNAIDS Recognition
    UNAIDS recognizes banana producers in Guatemala to boost the labor policy of HIV / AIDS.
  • MAGA evaluation
    AgroAmerica was named by the Ministry of Agriculture of Guatemala-MAGA- as the banana company with best safety practices and food handling.
  • “Order of Work Excellence Award” from the Ministry of Work
    Worker of AgroAmerica received the Order of Work Excellence Award.
  • “Order of Work Excellence Award” from the Ministry of Work
    Doña Elviritia, worker of Agroamerica received the “Order of Work Excellence Award from the Ministry of Work of Guatemala.
  • Recognition “To the Last Cartridge” from the Ministry of Education
    AgroAmerica received recognition from the Ministry of Education for transporting textbooks during the school year.
  • Recognition of the Business Alliance for Secure Commerce -BASC-
    BASC recognized Agroamerica for being the first certified producer of bananas in the region.
  • UNEP recognition
    AgroAmerica was recognized and invited by UNEP to participate in the Global Dialogue of the Environment Programme of United Nations for its commitment with the Environment.
  • BSR Recognition – Dialogue Program

BSR recognized AgroAmerica for its productivity improvement through constructive dialogue with employees.