Agroaceite, a subsidiary of AgroAmerica Tropical Oil Holding Corp., is awarded with the Community Impact RSPO Excellence Award 2019

Agroaceite, a subsidiary of AgroAmerica Tropical Oil Holding Corp., is awarded with the Community Impact RSPO Excellence Award 2019


The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) held the 2019 Excellence Awards to recognize and honor RSPO members for their outstanding contributions across key impact areas, not only in meeting the initiative stringent standards but in leading the way towards the shared vision of making sustainable palm oil the norm.

With more than 4,000 members located in 92 countries around the world, the RSPO organized, for the first time, the RSPO Excellence Awards Ceremony to recognize their member’s contributions implementing practices that go beyond the standards that palm oil regulations require; thus contributing to sustainable production.

RSPO Excellence Award 2019

The 2019 Excellence Award was presented during the seventeenth Annual RSPO Conference -RT17- held in Bangkok, Thailand, by a jury that was composed of an independent multidisciplinary team, leaders, and experts in the palm oil and sustainability sector.

There were 5 categories for the 2019 RSPO Excellence Award ceremony: Human Rights and Labour Initiative, Conservation Leadership, Smallholder Impact Programme, Community Impact, and Outstanding Achievement.

The Community Impact RSPO Excellence Award 2019 was presented by the RSPO General Secretary to Gustavo Bolaños -AgroAmerica COO- for the implementation of the “Human Development Center” project. “It reflects the company’s comprehensive vision to provide access to high-quality education & health coverage,” said Bolaños.

RSPO CEO Datuk Darrel Webber said, “For the very first time, we are giving our valued members the opportunity to receive due recognition for their significant contributions in helping us in our shared journey towards making sustainable palm oil the norm…

Human Development Center (HDC):

The Human Development Center is a project executed by Agroaceite, a company that is part of AgroAmerica Tropical Oil Holding Corp; which has donated 10ha of plantations for the construction of the project that is comprised of a Medical Clinic and school for children of workers:

  • Medical Clinic: Conducted in partnership with the University of Colorado to promote integral health access. It opened in 2014 and has impacted more than 27thousand patients in the Southwestern region of Guatemala. The MedicalClinic also runs community programs, in which 3,343 children and 1,977 women have participated, to reduce maternal and infant mortality and improve the nutritional status of the area
  • School for children of workers: Established to raise the academic level of the area through a creative and innovative pedagogical methodology, which promotes the active participation of students. The school for children of workers has obtained regional recognition for academic performance and pedagogical methodology.

“We will continue to promote the well-being of the people in the community with this initiative. We hope this is the beginning of all the positive impact that we can make,” Gustavo Bolaños.

The project is based on the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations General Assembly through resolution 70/1: To transform our World: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

With the Human Development Center AgroAmerica contribute to:

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