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To our clients, business partners, collaborators and neighbouring communities.

While the pandemic known as Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to affect the health and the economy worldwide, at AgroAmerica, we have taken all necessary measures to promote the health of our clients, business partners, and our more than 13,000 collaborators.

We continue to operate tirelessly to contribute to food security around the world and meet the various commitments made to our stakeholders. Therefore, we have implemented a series of practices that allow business continuity amid the pandemic, respecting the measures proposed and established by global health authorities and local entities in the countries in which we operate.


  • We have provided to our employees all the prevention measures required by the Governments of the countries where we operate, following all the recommended protocols. Also, we have trained 100% of the employees about how to prevent the spread, what are the symptoms and information on what measures to take regarding COVID-19.
  • We have raised our health standards and occupational safety, including hygiene practices and physical distancing among the collaborators, emphasizing the importance of proper hand washing, wearing masks, and use of hand sanitizers in our facilities, etc.
  • We have reinforced our protocols for entering and staying in our facilities to prevent and restrain the disease transmission.


We have oriented our Corporate Sustainability Strategy to provide support to the neediest communities in our area of influence.

  • We donate bananas in order to provide nutrients and key elements to strengthen the immune system during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • We have delivered cleaning and disinfection supplies to government entities, Health Centers, Volunteer Firefighters and Community Control Centers in order to prevent and restrain outbreaks of COVID-19 in the region.

Our team will continue to evaluate countermeasures to the identified risks, including health monitoring.

While the corresponding authorities continue to share official information about the spread and the impact of coronavirus, we at AgroAmerica will continue to monitor the recommendations of the World Health Organization and local authorities to implement and promote good health and safety practices among the collaborators and in each of the commercial and productive processes of the corporation, with the conviction together that we will get through this.


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