Children’s day in Agroamerica

Children’s day in Agroamerica


Childhood is a unique and crucial stage of life and all children must be safe, healthy and educated. (United Nations).

“Children are a fundamental part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programs at AgroAmérica, which are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and run throughout the year, so the Day of the Child at AgroAmérica is EVERY DAY,” said Javier Aguirre, Corporate Director of AgroAmérica.

One of the programs that AgroAmérica implements is a school for the children of employees. 

AgroAmerica’s School for workers Children

It currently has 179 students in Kindergarten and Elementary school.

  • The school promotes gender equity: 47% of the students enrolled are girls.
  • 84 students have graduated from elementary level.
  • The school was founded 9 years ago to bring quality education to the children of employees.

During 2020, the school has kept its classes remote, adapting to the change required by the pandemic. “We are awaiting instructions from the Ministry of Education to define the dates and methodology of graduation,” Aguirre reported. “During these days we will visit the students to verify their learning process and we will bring candy and joy to celebrate “International Children’s Day”.

Another of AgroAmérica’s contributions to children, is its active participation in the Municipal Commission for Food and Nutritional Security (COMUSAN, for its acronym in Spanish) in the municipalities in its area of influence in Guatemala.

COMUSANs are made up of a multi-sector groups and hold discussions on the reality of food and nutritional security in the municipalities, proposing actions that provide and communicate quality and timely information for decision making and to be on the look-out for specialized agreements to generate proposals or projects in areas focused and prioritized in food and nutritional health. Its objective is to reduce the rate of malnutrition and chronic malnourishment in children in the area.

In the Southwestern zone, where AgroAmérica operates, chronic child malnutrition is at 4%, compared to 50% of the country’s total. (Source: Unicef).

Human Development Center

AgroAmérica’s “Growing Up Healthy” program, implemented at the Human Development Center in southwestern Guatemala, serves children from zero to three years of age. Its objective is to reduce malnutrition in the community and contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

During 2019, 105 children finished this process of care within the program, for having reached three years of age with satisfactory growth and nutritional development.

ONE banana a day changes your life:

It is a complement to the school snack. It seeks to improve the nutrition and food security of the children participating in the program.

To date, 20,505 children have participated in Guatemala, Peru, and Ecuador. During 2019, the program was present in 13 schools.

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