Agroamerica cares for the welfare of its employees and families and seeks to improve their standard of living and contribute to the development of their communities. Agroamerica has developed a human development program with emphasis on Health, Food security and nutrition, Education, Decent work, Savings and credit, Environment. Some of the programs conducted are

Children’s day in Agroamerica

Childhood is a unique and crucial stage of life and all children must be safe, healthy and educated. (United Nations). "Children are a fundamental part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programs at AgroAmérica, which are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and run throughout the year, so the Day of the Child at [...]

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AgroAmerica presents Corporate Sustainability Report

AgroAmerica its sixth Banana and Trocipal Oil Sustainability Report, which presents the impact of the programs, projects, and good practices that were executed by the world-leading company, regarding quality, productivity, and profitability of its operations. “Every report we publish reassures our commitment to contribute to a better world. It is a constant assessment of our [...]