AgroAmerica, a leading corporation in the agri-food Industry, has announced the appointment of Javier Aguirre as its first Corporate Affairs and Chief Sustainability Officer

Gender Equity as a Strength

At AgroAmerica, we understand that gender equity is a fundamental pillar for the sustainable development of our company.

As the organization's highest governing body, AgroAmerica's Board of Directors is responsible for leading the company ethically and effectively.

In compliance with our Environmental Commitment and Management Policy, we actively engage in soil care and preservation and recognize its fundamental role in sustainable agriculture.

Transparency in the supply chain enables effective and sustainable business management. Firstly, it builds trust among employees, clients, investors, and stakeholders, fostering long-term business relationships.

Mangroves are a true ecological treasure located in coastal areas around the world. They are precious ecosystems that perform various functions, including being home to many species of marine and terrestrial biodiversity and aiding in mitigating climate change.

Mangroves are extraordinary ecosystems found in coastal areas around the world. Often overlooked, these tidal forests play a fundamental role in coastal protection.

AgroAmerica was a finalist in the Social Impact category at the 14th Responsible Business Awards hosted by Reuters Events.

At AgroAmerica, we understand the importance of working today to ensure a better tomorrow. Our focus on regenerative practices sets the standard for responsible performance.