Ethical Governance: Responsible Leadership for a Sustainable Future

Ethical Governance: Responsible Leadership for a Sustainable Future

As the organization’s highest governing body, AgroAmerica’s Board of Directors is responsible for leading the company ethically and effectively. This commitment goes beyond economic growth, seeking to generate social value and increase the trust of interested parties. Our governance framework, processes, and actions are designed to ensure the desired short-, medium-, and long-term results supporting sustainable value creation.

Corporate Leadership: Rigorous Oversight for Sustainability Management

Sustainability management at AgroAmerica is directed by the company’s Corporate Management, under the supervision of the CEO and the Board of Directors’ mandate. This management is integrated with the company’s key areas, such as human resources, legal and compliance, corporate social responsibility, and communication. This structure ensures that policies and procedures are strictly followed in each operation, ensuring consistent strategy execution and a conscious focus on positive impact on society and the environment.

Ethics and Integrity: Values Defining Our Organizational Culture

At AgroAmerica, our values are the essence of our culture. They define and differentiate us in the market, guiding our sustainability strategy at all levels of operation. We support the implementation of our Code of Ethics through policies that promote compliance, from the Ethics Line for claims and complaints to policies regarding Conflict of Interests and Global Anti-Corruption.

Rigorous Compliance: Guarantee of Transparency and Accountability

AgroAmerica assumes the immense responsibility of monitoring and ensuring supplier compliance and establishing high standards of responsible production and marketing. Our Due Diligence System evaluates suppliers, rejecting those not complying with our standards. We have a robust compliance program to mitigate all operational risks, maintain a strong culture of discipline, adhere to regulations, and comply with several international certifications.

Our Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

At AgroAmerica, ethical governance and compliance are the fundamental framework that leads our actions, processes, and decisions. They are expressions of our commitment to corporate responsibility. These pillars guide us in the present and are essential to building a sustainable and ethical future.