Gender Equity as a Strength

Gender Equity

Gender Equity as a Strength

At AgroAmerica, we understand that gender equity is a fundamental pillar for the sustainable development of our company. We operate in areas and countries where male labor has traditionally dominated the agro-industrial sector and we take concrete actions to promote an inclusive and equitable work environment for both men and women. Our team’s diversity enables us to reach our goals by enriching our operations with different perspectives and knowledge.


Gender Committee and Corporate Policies

Our gender committee plays a crucial role in formulating corporate policies related to the rights and obligations of women, maternity benefits, and non-discrimination. More than 80 people work on the committee, with the majority of them being women.

Systematic Surveys and Interviews

We use internal surveys and periodic interviews to understand the work dynamics and specific needs of our team. These tools enable us to tailor our policies and programs to ensure an inclusive work environment that supports the development of every team member, regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, or other human characteristic. AgroAmerica values diversity and is committed to removing any barriers that prevent equal opportunity.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our staff is made up of individuals with a range of backgrounds and experiences due to our geographically broad presence. We strive to achieve gender balance in all our operations by following our Equality and Non-Discrimination Policy.

Recognition and Leadership Opportunities

Each year, at least one of our female employees is recognized by the Ministry of Labor with an award that highlights the dedication and excellence in their work. These achievements highlight our ongoing commitment to promoting gender equity and creating an environment where talent and effort are recognized regardless of gender.

Promotion of Female Leadership

We have promoted outstanding women to leadership roles, demonstrating our commitment to equal opportunities and female empowerment. Each of these employees has performed exceptionally well and contributed significantly to AgroAmerica’s results and success.
Our commitment to gender equality
At AgroAmerica, we are committed to promoting gender equality in the workplace by creating a work environment where empowerment, professional development and equal opportunities for all are fundamental priorities. Our goal is to strive toward a more equitable and rewarding work future for our team.