AgroAmerica Materiality Assessment

Materiality Assessment of AgroAmerica

AgroAmerica Materiality Assessment

To establish updated sustainability priorities for AgroAmerica in 2020 the company carried out an analysis based on the materiality methodology stipulated by the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), identifying the most important topics that define the company’s sustainability strategy.

Whats is the Materiality Assessment ?

The materiality assessment is a two-dimensional diagnosis that analyzes the most important topics according to their relevance in:

  1. The impact and contributions of the company in the economic, social, and environmental fields.
  2. The influence of this impact on the evaluation and decision-making of the stakeholders, both internal and external. That is to say investors and shareholders, creditors, collaborators, unions, clients, consumers, suppliers, community, authorities, institutions, and others.

Assessment Objective

This diagnosis makes it possible to report AgroAmeirca’s priorities and establish its sustainability strategy based on them, and thus communicate transparently and assertively to its stakeholders on which economic, social and environmental aspects the company has had the greatest impact.

Investigative Process

To meet its objectives, AgroAmerica carried out research on the priorities of its stakeholders, as well as a benchmark study with industry leaders, surveys and interviews with both internal and external leaders.

The process for conducting the materiality assessment of AgroAmerica entailed interviewing more than 25 people including members of its Executive Committee, along with NGOs, Certifying Bodies and Clients; as well as the contribution of more than 100 people that completed online surveys.

Research result

As a result of these activities, AgroAmerica was able to identify and prioritize 19 relevant topics, which are shown in the following Materiality Map. This matrix was developed and validated by the company’s Executive Committee.

The completion of the AgroAmerica Materiality Analysis allowed the company’s priorities on business sustainability to be more clearly established. In this way, AgroAmerica is able to execute more precise and effective sustainability strategies to meet the needs and expectations of the stakeholders and communities around the company’s operation.