AgroAmérica’s Contribution to Local Education

Contribution to Local Education

AgroAmerica's Contribution to Local Education

AgroAmerica‘s contribution to local education has been an important pillar for the development of communities and families that live near the areas of influence of the company’s operations.

Quality education for employees’ children

In 2022, AgroAmerica celebrates 12  years of having launched a private school in Guatemala; an educational center that offers high quality education from preschool to sixth grade to the children of its employees. This school is located in the southwestern region of Guatemala and it fully complies with the Ministry of Education plans, exceeding them. 

High academic performance

The percentage of students promoted is noteworthy (98%), in comparison with the national education system. Also, the students from AgroAmerica’s school exceeded the reading standard established by the Ministry of Education by an average of 20%, during the “Fifth National Reading Contest”. 

Training and tools for teachers

As part of AgroAmerica‘s commitment to local education, the teaching staff constantly receives adequate pedagogical training, teaching supplies and learning materials to carry out their educational work. 

Training topics

Teachers continually receive training sessions, including in recent months:

  • Covid-19 prevention
  • Educational indicators
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience during the pandemic
  • Teaching methodology topics

Education during the pandemic

Due to COVID-19, the challenge has been to continue with school learning, while maintaining high quality education.The action plan included the implementation of a remote teaching system that could meet all the necessary requirements to guarantee quality education for each student, whether or not they had access to technology. 

How was the distance education system accomplished?

This was accomplished through follow up and monitoring, adaptation as the situation required, and self-learning guides that were delivered to the students. Besides, the students’ parents played an important role in the good performance of the new methodology. 

Good results from students

Consequently, the results obtained by the students exceeded expectations and encourage AgroAmerica to look to the future with hope.

The contribution of AgroAmerica to local education is part of its commitment to be a development agent in the areas near its operations, seeking to improve people’s living conditions.