Agroamérica organized a clean-up day in the community San José Mogollón.

Agroamérica organized a clean-up day in the community San José Mogollón

Guatemala, June, 2011. As part of Agroamérica’s corporate responsibility program and Better Families program, a clean-up day was organized in San Jose Mogollon, Nueva Concepción, Escuintla. Many people from the community participated including the director, teachers and students from the local school and women, leaders, and members of COCODE.

The activity began with an instructional workshop which taught the importance of sanitation to the participants. The cleaning crews then took the streets of town carrying signs and banners to raise awareness of the importance of a clean community. The village leaders and mothers carried brooms, dustpans, and other paraphernalia needed to “get the job done.” Agroamérica donated bags and transportation to remove all of the garbage collected.

The garbage that included tires, plastic, and organic waste was transported to the municipal garbage dump in Nueva Concepción, Escuintla. This clean-up will prevent the spread of intestinal diseases by flying insects and other vermin. An additional positive outcome of this activity was the education of the community to take care of the environment and to work together for their mutual benefit.

This activity fulfilled two thematic objectives of the Better Families program for women from the local farm communities: “With better families, comes better health” and “Working for everyone’s good health.”

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