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The Regenerative Practices of AgroAmerica

The Regenerative Practices of AgroAmerica: Innovating for a Sustainable Future

Regenerative Practices

The Regenerative Practices of AgroAmerica: Innovating for a Sustainable Future

Our Approach

At AgroAmerica, we understand the importance of working today to ensure a better tomorrow. Our focus on regenerative practices sets the standard for responsible performance. These practices guarantee the production of sustainable and healthy foods and seek a positive impact on our environment and the surrounding communities.

Environmental Management and Commitment Policy

Our Environmental Management and Commitment Policy is framed by this approach and prioritizes the preservation and restoration of ecosystems. Below, we detail how we are implementing each area of our policy:

Environmental Quality Management

Through proactive and responsible practices, we work to minimize and prevent negative environmental impacts and enhance positive impacts. We achieve this through comprehensive solid waste management, functional wastewater treatment systems, water recirculation for various processes, and employee awareness training, among other practices and processes.

We also avoid damage and ensure the regeneration of affected areas with tools for environmental assessment, control and monitoring. Our aim is to engage our stakeholders by transferring knowledge and sharing experiences to promote best practices at all levels.

Sustainable Management of Natural Heritage

The conservation of biodiversity in watersheds near our areas of influence is essential to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. In order to promote long-term intersectoral sustainability, we are committed to the protection and restoration of natural areas of interest, such as riparian zones and coastal marine ecosystems.

Regeneration Projects

Our regeneration projects are designed to promote biodiversity in protected forest areas. We create green spaces that serve as a home to various species of flora and fauna and are also of interest to environmental institutions and communities.

Ongoing Training and Development

AgroAmerica knows that in order to transform our environment we need to strengthen the skills of our employees so that environmental management becomes an integral part of their daily work. In 2022, we trained more than 5,230 employees in environmental practices and policies through 17 environmental training workshops.

Certifications and Audits

Last year we demonstrated our dedication to best management practices through 24 audits conducted and approved by government agencies. We also carried out 33 internal environmental monitoring processes to ensure our commitment to ecological preservation.

The Future Is Regenerative

On our path to the future, our focus on regenerative practices will remain our guide, using a strategy that seeks to preserve, revitalize, and restore. We place people and nature at the center of our operations every step of the way. We promote social, environmental and economic development while increasing productivity to provide the world with sustainable, high-quality food.

Commitment to Biodiversity

AgroAmerica’s Commitment to Biodiversity: Preserving Our Ecosystems for Future Generations

AgroAmerica’s Commitment to Biodiversity: Preserving Our Ecosystems for Future Generations

Commitment to Biodiversity

The natural balance of our planet depends primarily on biological diversity. AgroAmerica is fully aware of our responsibility to protect biodiversity, so we have implemented a series of initiatives focused on protecting and promoting a healthy coexistence between our operations and the surrounding ecosystems.

Committed to Protecting Flora and Fauna

AgroAmerica is committed to protecting biological diversity and supporting various species’ survival. We have identified more than 50 species of flora and over 70 species of fauna within our operational areas and carry out strategic initiatives to contribute to their preservation.

Restoring and Protecting Biodiversity 

Plant Nursery: An Oasis of Life

Our nursery has cultivated over 75,000 native seedlings. We donated over 33,600 tree saplings for riverbank reforestation, taking a significant step toward a more environmentally sustainable and balanced future.

Innovation and Biodiversity: The Pollinators Project

The Pollinators Project is a unique initiative in Central America dedicated to conserving native bees through the creation of ‘BeeBoxes.’ Each of these spaces serves as a sanctuary for more than 30,000 bees, including 900 solitary and 2,000 stingless bees. Through this initiative, we aim to protect these valuable pollinators in conserved areas within our operations.

Protecting Central America’s Green Heart: The Maya Biosphere Reserve

By working with organizations such as the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the National Council of Protected Areas, we have contributed to the conservation of more than 19,000 hectares in the community of El Peru-Paso Caballos in Peten. This collective effort seeks to preserve the natural wealth and biodiversity of the Laguna del Tigre National Park, an environmental gem in Guatemala.

A Legacy That Protects the Planet

At AgroAmerica, we understand the importance of biodiversity and work diligently on high-impact projects to protect and revitalize our ecosystems for the well-being of future generations. We are creating a legacy of love and respect for our Mother Earth.


Technology in the service of sustainability and society


Technology in the service of sustainability and society

Technology has revolutionized how companies operate and relate to society and the environment. In the agroindustrial sector, technology has made it possible to develop more sustainable and efficient practices in production processes, making it a critical tool in social responsibility and ensuring long-term sustainability.

Technology and the environment

Using new technologies helps to optimize efficiency in crop productivity and minimize environmental impact. AgroAmerica uses reservoirs to collect rainwater, as well as irrigation systems such as micro-sprinkling and probes that consider the weather season and soil humidity in real-time. This has managed to reduce water consumption by 50% compared tothe use of traditional systems. In addition, we use techniques that help us protect and promote soil heath. In this regard, we reuse 80% of the banana plant as organic matter for the soil. In addition, we have nine weather stations that provide data on precipitation, humidity and other factors that help control crop diseases, reducing the application of other products. Likewise, preventive actions are carried out against Fusarium TR4.

Technology also contributes to productivity

Implementing technology in production processes makes it possible to innovate and optimize productivity while achieving greater sustainability. In this way, we develop new products, accomplish circularity in the use of materials, work to reduce our carbon footprint, generate better employment opportunities, and contribute to the economic development of the countries where we operate.

Natural Ingredients Plant

In this sense, AgroAmerica has a Natural Ingredients Plant and an Innovation and Development Laboratory for new products. The R&D Laboratory is an innovation center for developing new products and banana food ingredients. Then, at the plant, we transform the surplus of our banana production into upcycled natural ingredients. This allows us to make the most of not-exported bananas under the “Zero Waste” Principle to provide nutritious food with added value.

Natural Ingredients Plant Award

The Natural Ingredients Plant received the “Recognition to Sustainability” award from the Guatemalan-American Chamber of Commerce -AMCHAM- in the environmental category in 2021.

Working together to innovate

Searching for solutions to current challenges has also allowed us to collaborate with other institutions, environmental organizations, and allies to work together in developing new technology for implementing environmental projects. An example is our bee conservation project in Guatemala, developed by our strategic partner BeeHub.

Technology has positively impacted corporate social responsibility by enabling the implementation of more sustainable practices in food production and the development of innovative solutions. AgroAmerica’s commitment is to innovate and use technology to ensure a more sustainable future.


Reforestation for a Sustainable Future

Reforestation AgroAmérica

Reforestation for a Sustainable Future

AgroAmerica understands that reforestation for the recovery of forested areas must be a sustainable process to achieve a greener and healthier future for the planet. In this article, we share with you how we are making history with our reforestation project on the banks of the Bobos River in the department of Izabal, Guatemala.

An Extraordinary Success: A Sustainable Reforestation Journey

We embarked on this undertaking by sowing hope and greenery along the banks of the Bobos River in the Sioux community of Morales, Izabal. It marked the beginning of a continuing effort to promote sustainable reforestation in this area.

Joining Hands and Efforts for a Greater Good

We were joined by 75 representatives from various institutions who share our commitment to sustainable reforestation and offered their invaluable support. During this event, we planted 3,000 tree seedlings that were generously donated by the military reserves of Puerto Barrios, Izabal.

A Future Commitment 

We look to the future with a clear and ambitious goal: to restore 10 hectares of land in 2023. This type of sustainable actions is a commitment and we are determined to continue working beyond 2024 to achieve a larger and more significant area of reforestation.

Extended Benefits: Beyond the Trees

The process has a profound impact by benefiting nature, local communities and the region’s aquatic ecosystems. This initiative goes beyond inspiring people and contributing to a greener, more promising future for all.

Join our Mission for Sustainable Reforestation

We invite you to join this movement by following our LinkedIn profile to stay up to date on our upcoming efforts and by sharing our mission for sustainable reforestation on your social media. Together, we can make a significant difference. Join us on this path toward a greener and more sustainable future!