Agroamerica Brings Drinking Water In The Village Los Encuentros

Agroamerica Brings Drinking Water In The Village Los Encuentros

AgroAmerica, in alliance with the Municipality of Coatepeque, began a project to introduce potable water in the village of los Encuentros, in Coatepeque, Department of Quetzaltenango benefiting 160 families that lack this basic service.

In addition, AgroAmerica will contribute to improve the health of the inhabitants of this community and work towards enhancing environmental, social and health conditions in the area.

AgroAmerica’s production manager commented: “This project supports AgroAmerica’s philosophy of promoting the development of the communities where it operates. We are very pleased to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the community of los Encuentros.”

This collaboration is made possible through a tripartite agreement among AgroAmerica, The Municipality of Coatepeque and the community who supports with their labor in trenching and completing the job.

Construction work includes 29,056 lineal feet of pipes and fittings for home distribution network. The project currently shows an overall advance of 50%.

Coatepeque’s Major, Emilio Maldonado, stated: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank AgroAmerica for the support they always give to the communities in the South Western region, especially in this occasion, the village of los Encuentros. Additionally for always being proactive with Social Responsibility projects which benefit people. On behalf of the Municipality of Coatepeque, we thank AgroAmerica for supporting this project that will improve living conditions for 160 families from this village.”

Saturnino Alonso, president of the Community Council for Development (COCODES), added: “This aid will benefit greatly families that have no access to potable water. Additionally it will promote health at home. We thank AgroAmerica for helping communities from the Los Encuentros Village.”

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