Why is soil conservation important?

Soil conservation AgroAmerica

Why is soil conservation important?

At first glance, soil may seem like a simple resource, however, it is as essential as water for life on Earth. Soil is crucial to the stability of ecosystems and a fundamental element in the food system. For these reasons, it is necessary to create global awareness about the importance of adopting models of sustainable management in the use of soils and to implement actions focused on solving issues like erosion, salinization, pollution, biodiversity, carbon fixation and nutrient imbalance.

Soil degradation: A problem to solve

Numerous chemical, physical and biological processes take place in the soil as a result of activities within the ecosystem and agricultural practices. Some of these processes occur naturally and soil degradation refers to changes in the soil properties that reduce the soil’s productive capacity.

Regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture, as well as other sustainable production models, focuses on the proper use of the soil through practices that promote the health of the soil and the elements that compose it. Such practices conserve the soil, maintain its fertility and ensure food security for future generations.

Why conserve soils?

Soil degradation, much of it due to erosion, is a worldwide problem affecting many hectares. Erosion causes the loss of fertile land and impacts food security and nutrition. In light of this, it is necessary to join forces to mitigate the effects of climate change on the biosphere and land. According to the FAO there are five reasons why we must protect this natural resource:

  1. Healthy soil feeds the world
  2. Soil is a finite resource
  3. Soil can mitigate climate change
  4. Soil is alive and teeming with life
  5. Investing in sustainable soil management makes economic and environmental sense
AgroAmérica’s commitment to conserve soils

AgroAmerica maintains a strong commitment to soil conservation, to ensure the sustainability of the land. The company properly manages soil through diverse actions:

  1. Planting cover crops to prevent erosion and water accumulation in the soil
  2. Replenishing organic material to the soil by adding plant material from its crops
  3. Implementing forest barriers on its farms
  4. Restricting the use of herbicides near bodies of water or irrigation canals

AgroAmerica implements these actions by using a sustainable and regenerative model that prioritizes practices that help prevent soil degradation and promote biodiversity.