Sustainability: The answer to a better future

Sustaniability AgroAmerica

Sustainability: The answer to a better future

Governments, companies, communities and every individual must join efforts to confront the environmental challenges that the world is facing, such as climate change, clean water, and biodiversity preservation. A good key seems to be sustainability, which is marking the way of doing business for many companies. 

Projects of good environmental practices

Within this context, three of AgroAmérica’s projects are listed in the Compilation of Good Environmental Practices presented by the UN Global Compact Initiative in Guatemala, published in January 2022. These practices are the result of the company’s commitment to work prioritizing the environment and the health of the communities. As a diversified and vertically integrated company, AgroAmerica maintains competitiveness through sustainable production, to guarantee high quality products and 𑁋at the same time𑁋 ensure the protection of natural resources. 

Water is important and at AgroAmérica we use it efficiently 

Water is essential for life on Earth, and it is also a crucial resource for agricultural and food production. To use it efficiently at each stage of the production process, AgroAmerica applies specific practices and plans, together with technologies and mechanisms that improve the usage, measurement and management of water. 

sewage treatment

One of these mechanisms is the wastewater treatment system, which enhances the physicochemical characteristics of wastewater and generates renewable energy for AgroAmerica’s operation in northern Guatemala. 

From wastewater to Renewable Energy

Thanks to this system, the biogas –which results from the process of anaerobic digestion of wastewater– is captured for treatment and introduced into an energy generator. AgroAmerica also uses the nutrient-rich water that comes out of the industrial process for irrigation, returning these nutrients to the soil. However, before its reuse, the effluent is subjected to a rigorous treatment to enrich its physicochemical characteristics. 

Irrigation system capacity

The installed system, which has a capacity of 3.5 MW/Hr of renewable energy generation, was approved by the United Nations as a Clean Development Mechanism project. This clean energy model contributes to combat climate change, since it also captures the methane produced by wastewater. 

This is one of AgroAmerica’s sustainable practices, focusing on doing business responsibly, caring for people and the environment.