Agroamerica Participated In The 7th Social Responsibility Forum: “Sustainable Dialogue, The Path Towards Development”

Agroamerica Participated In The 7th Social Responsibility Forum: “Sustainable Dialogue, The Path Towards Development”

Guatemala, July 2013. For Agroamerica, dialogue is the base for social cohesion, for that reason participated in the 7th National Forum on Social Responsibility 2013: “Sustainable Dialogue, the path towards development”, organized by The Corporate Social Responsibility Center in Guatemala –CentraRSE–.

Agroamerica invited 11 community leaders from the South West meeting point (bordering Quetzaltenango, Retalhuleu and San Marcos), close to its area of operation, who had the opportunity to participate in the forum and receive a training about Dialogue.

Felino Sandoval, president of the South West Region Association stated: “We are very happy that Agroamerica is helping us to be organized and provide us with tools to conduct dialogues among our communities.

Bernardo Roehrs, president of the Forum and Agroamerica’s director gave the closing remarks: “We believe that dialogue is the key to build a country with no barriers, based on trust and compassion, we have participated in this forum and we are sure it will guide the country to participate towards seeking a common wellbeing of all the participants”.

The main objective of this year’s event was to encourage a mechanism for multiple sectors dialogue as a tool to promote processes that will lead to construct relations, strengthening alliances and strategic associations that will help to reduce conflicts.

The proposal to initiate a Sustainable Dialogue began with the signature of the guidelines by the president of Guatemala, Mr. Otto Perez Molina and CentraRSE’s president, Mr. Alvaro Zepeda.

The principles guiding the dialogue are:

  1. Built relations based on trust to ensure the common good.
  2. All persons are worthy and deserve respect.
  3. The virtue of humility is the base to listen and to understand other’s opinions with empathy.
  4. Tolerance to accept different opinions and humility to acknowledge that there is no absolute truth.
  5. Free, voluntary and constant participation.
  6. Listen carefully and patiently.
  7. Transparency in communicating ideas.
  8. Be brief, precise and clear.
  9. Open to change and to the possibility of being wrong.
  10. Confidentiality and discretion in the use of others opinions.

The event was attended by 630 persons, among them: government officials, ambassadors, international organizations representatives, business people, community leaders and civil society members.

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