Agroamerica is recognized by Kroger with the award “Corporate Brand Supplier of the Year 2012″

Agroamerica is recognized by Kroger with the award “Corporate Brand Supplier of the Year 2012″

Guatemala, April 2012. The Kroger supermarket chain, one of the largest chains in the United States, recognized Agroamerica with the award, “Corporate Brand Supplier of the Year 2012″ for their exceptional contribution to the company’s corporate brand program.

Agroamerica was chosen from among thousands of vendors worldwide to receive this award. According to the criteria set forth by Kroger, Agroamerica is a business that has upheld the highest standards of customer service by providing Kroger with a wide variety of high quality products at competitive prices.

During the awards ceremony, the Kroger’s team, showed their appreciation to the winning enterprises for embracing the company’s spirit and supporting them in their efforts to help steer it in a direction of innovation and excellence. “Agroamerica is a key supplier for us. Not only are they the leading supplier of our own brand of bananas under the brand name, Fresh Selections, but they have also collaborated with our team to become pioneers in the direct importation of bananas to developed countries”, said Lorena Rull, Corporate Brand Manager. She added that Agroamerica is a very valuable partner that shares Kroger’s fundamental value of Customer First.

Fernando Bolaños, CEO of Agroamerica, said that it was a great honor to have received this award, “This is a stimulus to our company to continue striving to do better every day.” Bolaños congratulated its entire team, especially the field staff, for their efforts and dedication which led to this award.

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