Agroamerica Best Evaluated By Apib

Agroamerica Best Evaluated By Apib

Guatemala, July 2013.  During the month of June, the Association of Independent Banana Producers -APIB- conducted an evaluation of 17 farms of its affiliates, resulting with three Agroamerica’s farms with the best results.

Upon completion of the audit, Agroamerica’s farms received excellent results in every area evaluated. The audit was conducted as stipulated by the Guatemalan law related to Industrial safety, Human Resources and Labor Relations.

This audit is frequently carried out and is applicable to all members of the -AIBP-. 144 items are evaluated, being the most important the following:

Safety and Hygiene in the work place: training on industrial safety, hygiene and system of management for prevention of risks at work; appropriate waste disposal, adequate use of protective equipment; installations among others.

  • Human Resources: Organizational Climate, career planning and development, recruiting and induction of personnel.
  • Labor Relations:  Severance payment, paid leaves, compliance with minimum wage laws, payment of Christmas and other bonus required by law, over time, vacations and holidays payment for all employees.

Edgar Quijada, -APIB- auditor, commented during the closing meeting: “Agroamerica has to be congratulated for its high standards and competitiveness; they are an example of compliance for the association”.

The results achieved in this audit, demonstrates the commitment the company has to be a local producer with excellent practices, watching, keeping and improving constantly standards of local audits and international certifications.

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