Human Rights and Labor

Human Rights AgroAmerica

Human Rights and Labor

Human rights have gained worldwide relevance because they help satisfy the basic needs of people and communities. Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes the right to work and the right to just and favorable labor conditions. People have the right to work in order to have a dignified human existence, without this work being limited to simply having a source of employment. Employers must provide working conditions that offer fair financial compensation, equal treatment for all and a safe working environment.

AgroAmerica and human rights

AgroAmerica knows that by providing fair working conditions we are contributing to the respect and development of human rights and helping to eradicate poverty. Our policies and actions are guided by our commitment to human rights issues, provide good working conditions and promote workplace inclusion and equality for all our workers.

Pillar “Our People”

When making our materiality map, and based on our commitment to human rights, we identified 5 relevant issues related to human rights and work. Working conditions, training and culture, fair salary, gender and inclusion, and occupational health and safety constitute the “Our People” pillar.

Decent conditions for collaborators

Our purpose is to offer dignified conditions to our employees so that they can develop personally and professionally. We provide our workforce with training to acquire knowledge in different areas. We value their efforts and dedication and we help them meet their needs and those of their families. This value is reflected in the living wage ​​established through the living wage methodology we offer our employees. We ensure labor inclusion and equality by offering the same opportunities to men and women, regardless of their condition, and we guarantee occupational health and safety by providing doctors and clinics in our operating plants. 

These are some of the actions that we have implemented that allow us to provide a good work environment focused on the well-being of our employees. In this way, we make a difference.