Education as a Key Factor for Development

Education and development

Education as a Key Factor for Development

According to the United Nations (UN), education is a key factor for development; it is a fundamental human right, a public good, and a shared responsibility. This right is a tool to achieve positive changes and advancements in the progress of entire communities and societies.

Breaking Cycles of Inequality and Poverty

In today’s world, Education is a foundational element for generating positive economic and social change, expanding development opportunities for individuals, broadening horizons, and promoting equality. The possibility of accessing quality education is a decisive factor in breaking poverty and inequality cycles.

More Than Knowledge

Each individual has the right to access quality education, to learn, realize their potential, and contribute to collective well-being. Education is a significant engine in people’s lives because, in addition to providing academic knowledge, it also offers tools to assess options, anticipate consequences, foster critical thinking, and make better life decisions.

Challenges and Commitments for Equity

It is essential to make Education accessible to all individuals, regardless of gender, age, economic conditions, or geographical location. However, it’s also important to address Education beyond these factors, aiming to provide academic tools that adapt to each person’s capabilities and individual needs, and actively involving parents, teachers, and students in the learning process.

AgroAmerica’s Commitment to Education

As a leading corporation committed to sustainable development, we at AgroAmerica recognize the significance of Education. For over 12 years, we have supported initiatives that facilitate access to quality education for the children and relatives of our employees. Through our AgroAmerica School, we implement the Active Rural School Model, contributing to the academic development of hundreds of children in the areas where we operate.

Continuous Commitment to Progress and Prosperity

Education is the foundation for a better future, and at AgroAmerica, we are committed to actions that allow us to continue being a positive agent of change in society. We contribute to our workers’ well-being, families, and communities