We work to meet the demanding standards of sustainable agriculture

Corporate Sustainability Policies and Code of Ethics

We strive to reconcile competitiveness and profitability with stewardship of the environment and care for our workers and their communities. Through our compliance strategy, we implement practices that allow us to identify and mitigate risks.

With the development of our internal policies, we have managed to regulate our practices in the labor and social-environmental areas, providing guidelines that allow decision-making based on corporate objectives and compliance with international quality norms and standards.

The purpose of our policies is to guide plans, programs and projects aimed at preserving environmental quality and the sustainability of biodiversity and natural resources through gradual change, the generation of consensus with production farm neighboring communities, and social participation and inclusion in environmental management to ensure that natural resources are used with a sustainable development approach. 

Another objective is to seek to meet every mitigation measure recommended in environmental impact studies conducted as part of the development of agro-industrial projects.