Code of Ethics of AgroAmérica: The Cornerstone of Our Organizational Culture

Code of Ethics of AgroAmérica: The Cornerstone of Our Organizational Culture

As AgroAmerica’s Legal Compliance Manager, I want to address the importance of Code of Ethics of AgroAmérica. This Code is the foundation on which our organizational culture is built rather than just a set of rules.

Our Core Values, Not Just Rules

Our Code of Ethics is more than a document mandating legal compliance. It is a set of principles that defines how we conduct ourselves in business and how we interact as members of AgroAmerica. It goes beyond legal compliance and demands honesty, integrity and transparency in our actions.

Transparency and Respect

Transparency is critical in the realm of legal compliance. We ensure that our operations are understandable and fair for our team members and those outside of our organization. What is more, respect for human dignity is an unwavering pillar of our organizational culture.

Positive Impact on Communities

Our commitment to the Code of Ethics aligns ethically and coherently with our sustainability strategy at every stage of our collection, production, and marketing processes.

How Does the Code of Ethics Function in Our Operations?

The Code serves as a mechanism for stakeholders to report violations or irregularities in our value chain processes. Concerns can be reported through the ethics line, where the responsible department will address any incident within one month of the date of the reported irregularity.

Our Commitment to Ethics

Everyone in the organization embraces the Code of Ethics as an active commitment. In my capacity as the Legal Compliance Manager, I urge everyone to view this Code as the framework that defines our business conduct. It serves as a constant reminder that at AgroAmerica, we act with integrity and responsibility and conduct our actions in a transparent and appropriate manner while continuously aiming for improvement.