Agrocaribe, a subsidiary of AgroAmerica, was the winner of the first edition of the CampoLimpio Award, an event held as part of activities to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the program.

A minimum of 2 years as an active member in the program was required to participate in the contest; the Selection Committee also evaluated in key aspects as having the CampoLimpio certificate, strict control of the volume and quality of delivery of the containers, and having containers recollection infrastructure in place.

The Campo Limpio program, promoted by Agrequima, aims to provide the tools to properly dispose of pesticide containers, to maintain a healthy and clean environment.

To define a winner, the Selection Committee visited the participating farms, in which the processes implemented in terms of waste management and other actions carried out by agricultural producers in connection with the communities were evaluated, demonstrating that they are working for sustainable agriculture.

As a result of the visits and the evaluation of the key aspects, Agrocaribe was named winner of the first edition of the CampoLimpio Award; Gustavo Bolaños, COO of AgroAmerica, received the recognition.




AgroAmerica and all the participants of the CampoLimpio program comply with Guatemala’s national legislation (Norma Coguanor NGO 44 086: 98 and Agreement 166 of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources), as well as with the International Code of Conduct for the Distribution and Use of Pesticides, prepared by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO.