Employment and Working Conditions at AgroAmerica

AgroAmerica´s employment and working conditions.

Employment and Working Conditions at AgroAmerica

AgroAmerica is a company that has a strong commitment to complying with the laws and labor requirements of the countries in which it operates. Its purpose is to provide employment and working conditions for the personal and professional development of its employees.

Working Conditions

AgroAmerica is constantly working to provide its employees with good working conditions. In line with this, several procedures regulate the working relationship between the company and its employees to ensure the respect of labor rights and to support the professional growth of its personnel.  
Labor policies of AgroAmérica

AgroAmerica’s policies related to labor conditions and rights are committed to provide decent employment, complying with national laws, International Labour Organization -ILO- agreements and industry best practices. The main goal of the company is to have a competent team committed to operate in safe work areas.

Main Aspects

Some of the main aspects established in AgroAmerica’s Labor Policies are:

  1. Labor hiring
  2. Labor rights
  3. Internal promotions
  4. Equality and non-discrimination 
  5. Occupational safety and health 
  6. Free association
  7. Zero Tolerance for Child Labor

Jobs at AgroAmerica

AgroAmerica offers permanent jobs and provides a stable income for its employees throughout the year, unlike other agricultural jobs that have a cyclical production. This way, the company helps to ensure economic stability for its employees and their families. 

Living Wage

The company is also committed to providing all its employees with a living wage that is meant to guarantee a decent standard of living. For this reason, AgroAmerica uses the Living Wage Methodology to establish the income that a person needs to cover the needs of his or her family in a dignified manner.

AgroAmerica, has been developing financial models to identify the living wage, aiming that agricultural employees receive a payment that not only complies with national laws, but also allows them to support their families’ basic expenses.