AgroAmerica’s Commitment to Waste Management

AgroAmerica´s Waste Management

AgroAmerica's Commitment to Waste Management

Waste management is important, especially in industrial processes such as food production. During the production chain of food, waste is generated and it must be treated correctly and, as far as possible, reduced. 

AgroAmérica´s waste management

As a responsible company, AgroAmerica is committed to sustainably produce high quality food and ingredients, which includes managing a policy focused mainly on the reuse, recycling and recovery of organic and inorganic wastes, treating them appropriately according to their type.  

AgroAmerica’s Natural Banana Ingredients Processing Plant

AgroAmerica also cares about improving its processes in search of environmental protection. An example of that would be the AgroAmerica’s Natural Banana Ingredients Processing Plant, in which the company has innovated its banana business under the zero waste principle throughout the production process, allowing maximum utilization of the banana production. 

Waste management procedures

The procedure established for AgroAmerica’s waste management has three main steps:

  1. Identifying the waste generated by each activity
  2. Determining their characteristics and volumes
  3. Establishing the best use of waste within AgroAmerica’s processes or through specialized companies for waste management   
Recycling and reuse of waste:
  • Organic Matter: 80% of the organic matter generated in the farms is reused in soils, reducing the use of fertilizers. 
  • In addition, more than 186 million bananas have been transformed into natural ingredients, fulfilling the company’s zero-waste policy.
  • Plastic fruit bags: Due to their characteristics, the bags used to protect the fruit can be used up to three times. After this, they are sent to collection centers for recycling. 
  • Paper: Paper generated in the administrative offices is also recycled.

Thanks to all these processes, AgroAmerica is able to reduce and manage the waste generated by its operations. Its commitment is not only with its production processes to provide the best products, but also with the planet.