AgroAmerica releases 2017 sustainability report



AgroAmerica has announced the most relevant aspects of its 2017 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT, which encompasses sustainable initiatives and practices that focus on its four pillars: human capital, community development, the environment and responsible management.

The report is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the General Assembly of the United Nations through Resolution 70/1: Transforming the world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The countries where AgroAmerica operates (Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador and Panama) are signatories of this resolution.

The report underscores aspects of human rights, such as labor practices and decent wages, health, and food and nutrition security, use and responsible management of natural resources and gender approach.

SDG # 1 aims to end poverty in all forms, everywhere. The United Nations emphasizes that this is achieved through job creation. AgroAmerica provides more than 13,000 decent jobs in its banana and vegetable oil operations in Guatemala, Ecuador, the United States, Panama, Peru and Europe. It also contributes to boost local employment through its 2,692 local suppliers.

Another aspect underscored by the AgroAmerica report is gender equality related to SDG #5: Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. AgroAmerica guarantees the participation and empowerment of women through employment, which gives them the opportunity to grow professionally and bring development to their families and communities.

  • 51% of workers in the packing plants are women
  • 17% of the members of the Executive Committee are women
  • 16% of all employees are women

“At AgroAmerica we do not settle with complying with the laws, we go beyond” said Bernhard Roehrs, Corporate Director of AgroAmerica. “For that reason, in our Human Development Center in the village of Caballo Blanco, Retalhuleu, Guatemala, we continue to provide comprehensive health services to our workers, their families and surrounding communities, where over 30,000 persons live.” The Human Development Center of AgroAmerica was created in 1914 in partnership with the University of Colorado in the United States to provide world class medical services to the rural area of the Guatemala southwest “trifinio”.

The Healthy Mother (Madres Sanas) program addresses mother health and wellbeing directly. It is aimed at pregnant women; mothers are taught to identify danger signs during pregnancy, pre-natal care, post-partum depression, signs of danger in the newborn, adequate nutrition and breastfeeding. In 2017, 312 mothers participated in this program and 982 household visits were conducted.

Both the Human Development Center, which also has a school, and the Healthy Mothers program, contribute to achieving SDG #3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

garantizar al mundo el abastecimiento de
alimentos de la más alta calidad.

A la fecha, AgroAmerica ha donado 332,600 bananos para las familias más necesitadas; con el fin de brindar alimentos que aporten
nutrientes y elementos claves para el fortalecimiento del sistema inmunológico durante la pandemia de COVID-19.

Las donaciones se han realizado en las comunidades en donde viven nuestros trabajadores y que están aledañas o en la zona de
influencia de nuestras operaciones en Guatemala, Ecuador y Perú.

Así mismo se han entregado donaciones a entidades gubernamentales para contribuir a la alimentación de personas que colaboran
a evitar la propagación del COVID-19, y para personas que se encuentran en estado de cuarentena.

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