Agroamérica opens its own academy for professional drivers -ADECOP-

Agroamérica opens its own academy for professional drivers -ADECOP-

Guatemala, December 2011. Agroamerica now has its own Academy for Professional Drivers, ADECOP, which will train and give a university certificate issued by the Rafael Landivar University to all company drivers and offer to drivers from other organizations interested in it.

With this academy, Agroamerica will improve road safety and contribute to the country’s development. Productivity of the companies will also improve, as will the image and driving practices of participating truck drivers. At the same time the incidence of accidents at work caused by inexperienced drivers will be reduced.

“By creating this academy, we want to give an opportunity to many young people who have not been able to study, and then employ them in the company. We want graduating students to be prepared for their work, and to practice the values of the company: honesty, responsibility and team work, among others”, said Rodrigo Perera, President of Agroamerica’s transport division.

Some of the study courses in the program include driving regulations, inspection of cargo vehicles, industrial safety, road safety, safe procedures of loading and unloading, among others. Topics on human development will also be included in the program, to conclude it with a holistic training on values.

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