Agroamerica, in support of the national sport, donates bananas to the Guatemala City 21K Half Marathon.

Agroamerica, in support of the national sport, donates bananas to the Guatemala City 21K Half Marathon.

Guatemala, September 2011. Agroamerica collaborated with a donation of bananas to help support the more than 10,000 runners from all over the world who participated in the Third Annual Guatemala City 21K Half Marathon, organized by the municipality of Guatemala.

Agroamerica actively supports athletic events that contribute to a healthy lifestyle for Guatemalans and also promote the sport of running. “We at Agroamérica are concerned about the sound development of our country, and we know that playing a sport is a way to prevent juvenile delinquency and violence”, according to José Gálvez, vice-president of the commercial sector of Agroamerica.

For a number of years now, Agroamérica has collaborated with the organizers of the “Carrera del Azúcar” (the Sugar Race) in the department of Escuintla. Employees of the company and residents of the towns surrounding the company farms also participate in this race. “Agroamérica donates bananas because they are an excellent source of nutrients and electrolytes such as carbohydrates, potassium, and natural sugar which are all needed by athletes and are a source of quick energy”, added Nisrin Nassar, account manager at Agroamérica .

Bananas are a very good source of nutrition for athletes and those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. They are purported to be a natural remedy for depression, can improve mood, and help avoid insomnia. Bananas are a good source of energy, lower hypertension, and prevent strokes, arthritis, and metabolic abnormalities. They also improve the growth and texture of hair and their consumption may stop hair loss. Bananas stimulate the production of hemoglobin, which prevents anemia; they reduce serum cholesterol levels and relieve premenstrual cramps and muscle cramps, among their other benefits.

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