Agroamerica has begun a paper recycling project

Agroamerica has begun a paper recycling project

Guatemala, August, 2012. Agroamerica has begun a paper recycling project, with its headquarters’ staff. The first stage of this project consisted of a training conducted by the Ecologic Network Association, organization dedicated to paper recovery and recycling.

During the trainings, the staff became aware of the importance of recycling paper. They were taught how the world deteriorates when the right measures are not taken when paper is used. They were also shown the recycling process. With this project, Agroamerica aims to recycle the largest amount of paper and embrace a culture which encourages an eco-friendly approach.

The second part of the project consisted in placing recycling boxes in strategic places in the office, like right next to the photocopy and printing machines with signs showing the do’s and don’ts of recycling.

The third part will consist in checking the boxes once a week; taking out the bags full of papers and calling the Ecologic Network so that they can pick up the paper and have it recycled.

This project will help Agroamerica create a green culture in the company and also contribute to the country’s environment.

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