AgroAmerica Contributes to Mangrove Conservation

Mangrove Conservation AgroAmérica

AgroAmerica Contributes to Mangrove Conservation

AgroAmerica is part of the mangrove technical working groups in the South Coast of Guatemala, for mangrove conservation through local and regional actions. This area is covered by an important extension of mangroves which are one of the world’s most diverse and productive ecosystems.

Importance of Mangroves

Coastal and marine ecosystems have valuable resources that provide livelihoods to local communities. Besides being home to diverse marine and terrestrial species, Mangroves have a critical role in mitigating climate change.

One of the most threatened habitats

Despite the importance of mangroves, these ecosystems are among the most threatened habitats in the world. Some of the threats to mangroves are plastic pollution, deforestation and shrimp farming.

AgroAmérica Contributes to these ecosystems Conservation 

That is why AgroAmerica seeks to contribute to the conservation of mangroves by supporting local and regional actions while working together with communities and local authorities through technical working groups.

Contributions of the technical tables

The technical roundtables are supported by the National Forest Institute in the country, to promote dialogue for the strengthening of conservation, restoration and sustainable management actions for the coastal marine ecosystem, as well as the development of a mangrove conservation and restoration plan.

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis limited some activities. However, the technical working groups have continued with the work until today, which has involved working with six communities in training, reforestations, patrolling and identifying more than 160.58 hectares for conservation.

Activities carried out jointly with working groups
  • Identification of mangrove areas.
  • Monitoring and surveillance patrols in alliance with the Nature Protection Division.
  • Fish ponds
  • Forest nursery to prevent mangrove logging
  • Celebration of International Mangrove Day in the communities, to raise awareness
  • Identification of areas to be reforested
  • Mangrove reforestation
  • Forest fire monitoring
  • Training to educational institutions and community leaders on mangrove importance, conservation and restoration

AgroAmerica, through its participation in Mangrove Technical Working Groups, contributes to protect and restore natural areas, helping to the wellbeing and livelihoods of coastal communities. Mangroves have a huge importance and value, playing a vital role for nature and humanity.