Agroamérica brings the light to school in Huitzizil Village

Agroamérica brings the light to school in Huitzizil Village

Guatemala, June 2009. For the students of Escuela Rural Mixta of Huitzizil Village, their school day won’t be the same. Since June 17, 2009, their classrooms have lighting, one of the most critical physical characteristics of a school.

Good lighting should be considered an active element of the total educational environment since it contributes significantly to students’ attitudes and performance. According to this, Agroamérica, which is committed to support local communities, donated electric power to the village’s school. In addition, the school was painted, areas such as the main entrance and the basketball court were repaired, and the construction of a new fence was made.

With this project, more than 240 students from the Huitzizil Village benefited and enjoy a new school environment where they can now study and pursue their daily activities.

This and other projects are part of the company’s commitment and corporate social responsibility programs, aimed to support local communities through the reparation and creation of infrastructure that permits the improvement of their living conditions while encouraging them to participate in the development of their own communities.

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