Transforming Bananas: What is the Bana-Nutrition program all about?

Transforming Bananas: What is the Bana-Nutrition program all about?

The Bana-Nutrition program is making a difference by supporting the improved nutrition and development of children within our neighboring communities. We realize this comprehensive effort through the donation of bananas, the formation of local partnerships and by conducting training sessions where mothers learn how to use banana flour as a nutritional supplement in their children’s diet.

Donations: Bananas with a Purpose

Every banana we donate has a clear purpose: to support the development and nutrition of children in communities within our area of influence. Beyond simply growing bananas, we make many positive contributions to the community.

Artisanal Transformation

The production of banana flour is a meticulous process that involves various techniques, such as drying, grinding and sieving. Each step is performed with precision to preserve the banana’s essential nutrients. The result is an enriched flour with high nutritional value.

Monitoring and Success Evaluation

The program goes beyond the delivery of banana flour to include the monitoring of the weight and health of children who receive the donations. This practice allows us to measure the program’s impact on the children’s recovery and provides valuable data for the continuous adjustment and improvement of program strategies.

Training for Mothers

Training mothers in the proper handling of banana flour is an integral part of the Bana-Nutrition program. Workshops are conducted where mothers learn to prepare highly nutritious foods, such as tortillas, pancakes, and porridge, using natural ingredients. These workshops allow mothers to participate in the program and become agents of change.

Local Partnerships: A Collective Effort

The program partners with government agencies, the private sector, communities, municipalities and civil society. This collaborative network strengthens the program’s effectiveness and expands its reach.

Ongoing Training: Sustainability in Action

At AgroAmerica, we are committed to having a lasting impact by providing ongoing training and ensuring that the knowledge gained by the communities who benefit from the program is preserved and shared.

We are transforming bananas into hope, nourishing communities, and building a healthier future for generations to come!