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Supporting child nutritional development

Supporting child nutritional development

Supporting child nutritional development

At AgroAmerica, we work continuously to support child nutrition development on the southern coast of Guatemala. We do this through our flagship program, Bana-Nutrition, which reflects our commitment to building strong and healthy communities and improving the quality of life for mothers and children in our areas of influence.

The Reality of Child Malnutrition on the Southern Coast

Child malnutrition is a persistent challenge affecting too many communities in Guatemala, especially those on the southern coast. This reality demands decisive and sustainable actions. AgroAmerica recognizes that true social responsibility involves tackling problems head-on, and that’s precisely what we do through the Bana-Nutrition program.

The Transformative Approach of Bana-Nutrition

Bana-Nutrition is a commitment to combat malnutrition based on transforming bananas and supporting the mothers in the communities. Since the program’s inception in 2021, we have observed a significant change in the health statistics and community dynamics in the communities where the program has been implemented.

Donations and Transformation

The Bana-Nutrition program consists of a number of initiatives aimed at continuing the fight against malnutrition. These actions include donating banana powder, providing nutrition training to mothers, and monitoring children to ensure their recovery. AgroAmerica also develops partnerships with government entities, the private sector, and civil society so that these groups can participate in and support the program.

A Call to Collective Action

On Guatemala’s southern coast, child malnutrition is an issue that must be confronted and eradicated. The Bana-Nutrition program is our vehicle to achieve this and demonstrates how food innovation can be a powerful tool for social change.

Looking Toward the Future

As we celebrate being named a 2023 Reuters Awards finalist, we reaffirm our commitment to making the Bana-Nutrition program an even greater force for change. Every well-nourished child is a living testament that change is possible, and we are determined to continue to create a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

Water Technical Committees

Why Are Water Technical Committees So Important?

Why Are Water Technical Committees So Important?

Responsible water management is essential to ensure the sustainability of our water resources. In this context, Water Technical Committees are crucial in addressing the challenges related to watershed conservation and sustainable water use. But why are they so important?

Protection and Conservation of Watersheds

One of the fundamental goals of these Technical Committees is to safeguard and conserve watersheds. These committees are comprised of water experts and professionals that focus on implementing measures to prevent the degradation of basins and preserve water quality and ecosystems.

Rational Use of Water

Rational water use is another critical pillar of the work of Water Technical Committees. The committees labor tirelessly to develop strategies that ensure the equitable distribution of water resources to all users, prevent overexploitation and promote sustainable practices that meet current needs without compromising the future.

Maintenance of Ecological Flow

The preservation of flora, fauna and natural habitats is closely linked to maintaining the ecological flow of rivers. The committees strive to establish minimum flows that ensure the health of aquatic ecosystems, thus contributing to biodiversity and environmental balance.

Ensuring Rivers Reach Their Mouths

The health of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems depends on the connectivity of watersheds. These Technical Committees ensure that rivers flow unrestricted to naturally reach their mouths.

AgroAmerica and Its Participation in Water Technical Committees

AgroAmerica actively participates in seven technical committees for watersheds in Guatemala. Our involvement demonstrates our commitment to sustainable water management and watershed conservation. We also collaborate with local experts to implement practices that contribute to water preservation and the well-being of communities.

Materiality Analysis at AgroAmérica

Materiality Analysis for Corporate Sustainability at AgroAmerica

Materiality Analysis for Corporate Sustainability at AgroAmerica

AgroAmerica recognizes the importance of understanding and addressing economic, social, and governance challenges in order to drive long term sustainably. For this reason, we have integrated materiality analysis at AgroAmerica, as a fundamental tool in our internal management processes.

What Does Materiality Analysis Entail at AgroAmerica?

Our materiality analysis involves systematic evaluations to identify, prioritize and manage the most important and relevant issues for our organization and our stakeholders. We seek to measure our capacity to generate value in the short, medium and long term, by considering the environmental, social, and governance challenges specific to our operations.

Why is Materiality Analysis Important to Us?

This analysis has become a fundamental pillar to support corporate sustainability and internal social responsibility. It helps us identify, understand and prioritize critical issues that can impact every aspect of our operations. Moreover, it allows us to make better informed decisions, mitigate risks and seize opportunities for internal improvement.

Challenges for Companies in Materiality Analysis

At AgroAmerica, we recognize the importance of this analysis and understand that we face significant challenges in its execution. These challenges are due to the need to accurately assess the impact of certain aspects of our operations, encourage active stakeholder participation, and keep the corporate materiality analysis process up-to-date. However, we are committed to overcoming these challenges to ensure the sustainability and effective management of our operations.

Materiality Analysis at AgroAmerica

We recognize the importance of materiality analysis as an essential tool for the long-term sustainable management of AgroAmerica. We will pave the way toward a more promising future by continuing to conduct comprehensive evaluations and proactively addressing the most relevant aspects of our internal operations.

Estándar RSPO

Public Announcement of Recertification of AgroAceite S.A.

Public Announcement of Recertification of AgroAceite S.A.

As part of AgroAmerica, the company AgroAceite S.A., has applied to Control Union Malaysia Sdn Bhd to carry out recertification audit activities in accordance with the National Interpretation for Guatemala of the RSPO 2018 Principles and Criteria (P&C) Standard for Sustainable Palm Oil Production. 

The Recertification Audit is planned to commence on April 1, 2024 and will be completed on April 5, 2024. 

You can download the document in English here: