The Canadian Ambassador visits Agroamerica farm

The Canadian Ambassador visits Agroamerica farm

Guatemala, December 2011. The Canadian Ambassador, Hugues Rousseau, along with Principal Commercial Aggregate Natalie Samson and Charge d’Affairs Christine Luttmann, visited one of Agroamerica´s farms in Escuintla, to know more about the banana growing and production process.

During the farm tour diplomats went to the banana plantations and a packing plant. They also visited the community of San Jose Mogollon in the municipality of Nueva Concepcion, where they met with members of the COCODE (Local Community Development Council) as well as staff from the health center, together with Agroamerica´s workers. In the community hall COCODE members explained the work they do with in conjunction with Agroamerica, community leaders and women, on health and education topics.

To end the program, Walter Tello, Community Relations Officer for the department of Escuintla, explained the different corporate social responsibility programs of Agroamerica.

Natalie Samson, Principal Commercial Aggregate, said: “The visit to the farm was a unique experience. We are very impressed by the comprehensive range of CSR programs, Agroamerica´s good environmental practices and the efforts made to improve the living standards of their workers.”

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