Agroamerica contributes to the education of its employees

Agroamerica contributes to the education of its employees

Guatemala, November 2011. Agroamerica celebrated the graduation of 19 kinder garden students from the Fernando Bolaños private rural school in the municipality of Caballo Blanco, Retalhuleu department.

The school was built earlier this year for the children of Agroamerica workers, and its innovative methodology has made it a model for rural schools. Teachers enthusiastically organized the graduation in which children wore gowns to receive their diplomas, as proud parents took pictures and local authorities watched. At the ceremony parents thanked Agroamerica for offering their children the opportunity to get a high-quality education.

District education supervisor Elda Orozco mentioned afterwards that this event will motivate parents to continue sending their children to school, so that in they graduate from elementary school in the near future.

Agroamerica President, thanked teachers and parents for dedicating the event to Fernando Bolaños (RIP), the founder of Agroamerica, who played a key role making the school a reality. “We wish academic excellence for these children, so they graduate from elementary school and then from secondary, and later continue on to university or vocational training”, added the President.

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