Faced with the losses and pain of Guatemalans affected by the recent eruption of the Volcan de Fuego, the employees of farms and headquarters of AgroAmerica joined for several days to collect money, having raised a total of Q120,758 (around US $ 16,500). The company doubled this figure and contributed the amount of Q244,242 (US $ 33,000), reaching a total donation of Q365,000 ($ 50,000). The Banco of America Central (BAC) will also double this figure for a total of $100,000. The donation will be destined for dignifying shelters, rebuilding schools, rehabilitation and a sustainable program for affected families, through the Center for the Action of Corporate Social Responsibility in Guatemala (CENTRARSE).

“We are deeply shocked by the situation of Guatemalans who are suffering from the recent volcanic eruption and we want to show our solidarity through this donation, which we hope will help alleviate their pain. On the other hand, we are happy to see the solidarity and generosity of our workers, since these are values ​​that the company promotes,” stated Bernhard Roehrs, corporate director of AgroAmerica.

Since Guatemala is also an area hard-hit by climate change, AgroAmerica has already been working proactively to develop initiatives to address the resulting issues in their area of operations. These efforts include disaster preparedness training for employees as well as local community leaders.

In alliance with the Institute of Climate Change (ICC) and the local NGO Asociación del Trifinio Suroccidente (ASODITSO) AgroAmerica offers a Diploma course called “Community Adaptation to Climate Change.” More than 50 people are participating currently, including AgroAmerica employees, and community leaders of 12 communities.

AgroAmerica has led the creation of local coordinators for disaster reduction in alliance with CONRED and ASODITSO. The aim is to provide communities with the necessary tools and knowledge to respond to emergencies and natural disasters such as this volcanic eruption.

“These initiatives are part of our comprehensive social responsibility program, which is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and a more timely program on environmental conservation and adaptation to climate change,” said Roehrs.