Agroamérica collaborates with the repair of the Pacayá River.

Guatemala, June, 2011. Last month, the Goverment started dredging the mouth of the Pacayá River, located in San Rafael Pacayá, Quetzaltenango. The purpose is to avoid the flooding that occurs in the area during Guatemala’s rainy season from May to November. Agroamérica collaborated with the Southwest Tripoint Association to petition the government for help with [...]

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Agroamérica repairs infrastructure of Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta in San Francisco Madre Vieja village.

Guatemala, June 2009. Aiming to improve the conditions of students of the village San Francisco Madre Vieja, Agroamerica repaired parts of the installations of the village?s school, Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta, located in Tiquisate, Escuintla. The school had serious roof damage, it presented holes where water, litter and sunlight easily entered, making it difficult for [...]

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Agroamerica, bridge reparation re-established vehicular traffic towards Las Trozas Village.

Guatemala, May 2009. Aiming to restore vehicular communication and benefit the local community, the bridge from Las Trozas village, which connected three villages in the area, was repaired. The bridge, which was rebuilt with the support of the company Agroamérica, had a hole of 2.5 meters wide by 3 meters long, preventing communication with the [...]

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