Last August 22, a tour was conducted in Agroamérica’s banana plantations in the Costa Sur with participants of the VIII Central American Regional Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility -CONVERTIRSE-, with the aim to share Agroamérica’s good practices and social responsibility programs. Finca La Sierra had the opportunity to receive delegates from Nicaragua, Honduras and Colombia, [...]

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Building the Capacity for Effective Multisector Dialogue at AgroAmérica, S.A.

Executive Summary Guatemala’s banana sector is plagued by conflict between the private sector and labor, a legacy of the country’s civil war “the longest and one of the most brutal in contemporary American history. Improved communication and constructive dialogue among farm administration, field workers, and unions can help mitigate the mistrust and yield positive results. [...]

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Agroamerica: Improving Productivity Through Better Communication.

20% REDUCTION IN WORK STOPPAGES Incidents of work stoppage at two AgroAmérica banana farms have dropped by 20 percent as a result of a program designed to build trust and dialogue among workers, the union, and management.   THE CHALLENGE AgroAmérica, one of Guatemala’s largest commodity crop companies, employs more than 8,000 plantation workers. Two of its [...]

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