One banana a day

Change your life


In 2013, in order to give continuity to our health and integral nutrition program for families in communities surrounding our operations, we began the nutritional school meal program “One banana a day change your life”.

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About the program

The program consists of donating bananas to schools near our plantations in Guatemala, Ecuador and Peru; as a nutritional complement to the school snack.

Nuestro Objetivo

Our Objective

AgroAmerica seeks the common good of the entire community, through the active participation of each of their social actors (company, community, government), working together to contribute to better nutrition and food security for children in the area.

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Preventive Health:

During the program, there are specialized local and governmental alliances who carry out medical days, growth and development control of children in schools and provide training to mothers, teachers and children on preventive health and nutritious and balanced diets.

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Sustainability report

Annually, the corporation publishes the results obtained in the project. Take a look at our recent Banana Sustainability Report.

In order to ensure the program’s expected success, the active participation, support and organization of teachers, community leaders and mothers is required.

It also promotes the collaborative work of the private sector, NGOs and government entities.


Big Tick Award

Through the implementation of the program “One banana a day change your life” AgroAmerica received the Big Tick award by Unilever in Bristol, England. It is awarded to companies that make a positive difference in society.

Signing of the agreement

In early 2020, an agreement was signed with the Guatemalan Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food, a state institution that promotes food security and sovereignty; they will contribute to the implementation of the program with advice and training in the processing of food derived from bananas, in order to maintain nutrients and achieve greater impact on the eradication of chronic child malnutrition and promote food security.


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