UNAIDS recognizes banana producers in Guatemala to boost the labor policy of HIV / AIDS

UNAIDS recognizes banana producers in Guatemala to boost the labor policy of HIV / AIDS

Guatemala, July 2013. UNAIDS awarded The Association of Independent Banana producers -APIB- and its 19 affiliated companies for working towards prevention and care of HIV in the workplace in addition to become a role model for other business sectors in Guatemala.

Labor policies on HIV, focus on guaranteeing rights of HIV infected personnel and for providing a work environment free of prejudices, stigma and discrimination. Prevention is promoted among all employees and health care for all is provided. HIV test are provided and the confidentiality of the results is guarantee.

On belhalf of Agrofruit 10 employees responsible for the implementation of the HIV program received the award. Bernardo Roehrs, Coorporate Director expressed satisfaction for the work done and the for the future plans to be implemented: “We have trained over 4,000 employees and community leaders in HIV/AIDS prevention, focused on values and the responsible use of their sexuality, emphasizing on Fidelity and Abstinence. This year we plan to expand the program to new groups of workers from the farms.”

Jose Enrique Zelaya UNAIDS coordinator for Guatemala and Mexico, thanked banana producers for their support and commitment in the implementation of Labor Policies on HIV/AIDS stating: “It is necessary that the business sector of Guatemala takes an active role because neither the government nor the international cooperation has the necessary resources for HIV prevention, care and treatment”.

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