Anthropologists From University Of Colorado Conducted A Study For AgroAmerica

Anthropologists From University Of Colorado Conducted A Study For AgroAmerica

Guatemala, february 2013. In order to understand the social and cultural context of the region in the communities near Agroamerica’s operations, eleven anthropology students from the University of Colorado conducted a study on health care. It is known that diseases, have social and cultural causes in addition to biological ones.

By means of this study, they expect to discover the types of diseases the population
is at risk of contracting, their causes, the medical care available and appropiate treatment.

Another aspect that could be identified as a result of this study, is how communities day to day manage to live without receiving support from the government in basic services such as health care, water access and food.

John Brett, Anthropologist from the Univesiity of Colorado, commented, that the experience with the communities and the results achieved will be very benefitial for the Center for Human Development (CHD), that Agroamerica is designing.

“We were very well received by the people, all inhabitants would like to see inmprovements in their communities, therefore they are willing to participate. A wide range of persons were interviewed: community leaders, government officials, religious leaders and radical groups,” stated Brett.

Great advancements were achieved with this visit, important information was found out regarding the priorities of the local communities in terms of development, the organization of the clinic and planning of other related health programs such as water sanitation, nutritional educational programs and access to medical care.

To watch the advancements on Agroamerica’s Center for Human Development in conjunction with the University of Colorado please click here

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