AgroAmerica’s Staff Engaged In Volunteer Work

AgroAmerica’s Staff Engaged In Volunteer Work

Guatemala, February 2013, Agroamerica’s main office staff visited “Camino Seguro” (Safe Passage) for a volunteer work. Camino Seguro is an organization that brings hope, education and opportunities to young people and their families that live in extreme poverty in areas surrounding the garbage dump in Zone 3 of Guatemala City.

Megan McAdams, Camino Seguro volunteer, who came originally to help for two months (has stayed two years and a half in this project), stated: “when you come and realize the great need that exist, you do not want to leave. With pleasure we will receive Agroamerica?s volunteers.”

All Saturday morning, Agroamerica’s employees shared happiness with children and coached youth for job interviews.

Juan Francisco Roldan, Camino Seguro, Public Relations coordinator expressed: “Volunteer work is very important because our children receive personal attention. This activity has been one of the best ones that we have carried out, all of Agroamerica?s employees participated. They were well organized and supported all activities. What these children need is to feel that there is someone to support them.”

Agroamerica’s personnel enjoyed the visit, all agreed that this type of activity helps them grow, become better persons, shapes them completely and strengthen their values.

Jorge David Reynoso, member of Agroamerica’s accounting department commented: “I liked very much sharing with children and youth and being able to encourage them to continue. Sometimes we complaint, but when we see what type of work these children do in the garbage dump, it makes us reflect.”

Ingrid Lopez, Logistics Manager, added: “It was very rewarding. Sometimes we forget that very close to us there are great needs, because we are caught up with our day to day activities. Children taught me much, despite the limited resources they have, all of them had much enthusiasm, energy and optimism. I would like to have more opportunities like this one and that a larger group could participate next time to reach more people in need and learn to be thankful for what we have.”

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