AgroAmerica’s Employee Received The “Order Of Work Excellence” From The Ministry Of Labour.

AgroAmerica’s Employee Received The “Order Of Work Excellence” From The Ministry Of Labour.

Guatemala, March 2013. Teresa de Jesus Aguilar, Agroamerica’s employee from a packing plant was selected this year by the Ministry of Labor in Guatemala (MINITRAB) to receive a recognition for work excellence, awarded every year to 17 women, on the International Women’s day for outstanding work performed in the areas of agriculture, trade, industry, service and government.

“Mama Tere”, as known affectionately in the plantations, has been 21 years with Agroamerica: three years in Izabal and 18 years in Escuintla. She started working on different chores in the banana packing plants such as, boxing bananas, removing the hands of freshly harvested bananas from their stems, placing them in trays and cleaning tanks.

Teresa at all times puts great effort and dedication to every task assigned to her, always thought and performed unconditionally on behalf of the company’s best interest. “Mama Tere, has always been reliable and a doer, I have known her for 17 years” stated, plantation’s Chief Security Officer.

In addition to the medal and diploma received, Agroamerica awarded her a cash reward in recognition for a job well done and for all the years of excellent service to the company.

Plantation Manager, acknowledged Teresa’s work, stating “Mrs. Tere is an example that we all should follow. I am impressed with her loyalty, and her desire to always do a good job. She has given her life to the company and that is why we honor her.”

Rosalina Balerio Chavez, coworker added: “I have worked with Mama Tere for 10 years. She has always been kind, and responsible.

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