AgroAmerica won RSPO’s «2022 Conservation Leadership Award» for its Maya Biosphere Conservation project 

"2022 Conservation Leadership Award"
"2022 Conservation Leadership Award"

AgroAmerica won RSPO's "2022 Conservation Leadership Award" for its Maya Biosphere Conservation project

Guatemala City. The conservation project in the Mayan Biosphere of Guatemala received the “2022 Conservation Leadership Award” from the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil –RSPO-. This initiative is executed through a formal agreement signed between AgroAmerica, the Wildlife Conservation Society, Solidaridad Network, and the National Council of Protected Areas.

Conservation Project Objective

The project’s objective is to conserve the area’s biodiversity, natural ecosystems, and natural heritage through monitoring the population of endangered species and their habitat, protection of natural ecosystems such as forests and wetlands, and alliances strategies for implementing socio-environmental management initiatives.

What has been achieved with the project?

One of the project’s main results was the release of 60 macaws after great efforts to protect their natural habitat. Likewise, the project has included joint work with the El Paso Caballos community to protect biodiversity through early warning systems for forest fires and macaws monitoring.

At AgroAmérica we help to regenerate the land and its resources

“Our business model is focused on regenerating the Earth and its resources. In the framework of our sustainability commitments, at AgroAmerica, we participate in conservation efforts carried out in one of the most important biodiversity areas in Guatemala,” said Fernando Bolaños, CEO of AgroAmerica.

RSPO Awards Objectives

The RSPO Excellence Awards recognize how RSPO members across the globe seek solutions to address the sustainability challenges the industry is currently facing and expand its value chain. 

“At AgroAmerica, we reaffirm our commitment to exceeding environmental and social expectations, driving positive impact, and leading conservation projects in the countries where we operate,” concluded Fernando Bolaños.