Agroamerica Trains Ministry Of Environment And Natural Resources Consultants

Agroamerica Trains Ministry Of Environment And Natural Resources Consultants

AgroAmerica received a request from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources -MARN- (Guatemalan government entity, leading in environmental issues and natural resources) to train consultants on mitigation of agrochemicals, waste management, based on the experience developed by AgroAmerica.

AgroAmerica carried the training in order to build capacities for personnel of that Government Institution and unify criteria on issues that should be taken into account to develop an efficient environmental management for agricultural companies.

The Production Manager, expressed: We are very happy to share experiences with the governing body in Guatemala on environmental issues.

The workshop was attended by architects, engineers, farmers, and biologists that are part of the Environmental Quality Unit from DIGARN. Participants took a keen interest in learning good practices implemented in the banana company. They were very pleased with the shared expertise.

Luis Carlos Rodríguez, MARN Consultant, said: The training was quite comprehensive, we are very pleased with the knolewdge acquired and congratulate AgroAmerica engineers.

As part of the workshop, practice drills were carried out to demonstrate the appropriate use of protection equipment for personnel who work with agrochemicals and were trained on adequate usage of ABC extinguishers. A fire drill was conducted and real extinguishers were used.”

Andrea Paiz, Environmental Inspector of AgroAmerica commented: It is a good opportunity for the company to interact with environmental consultants from the MARN and make public that in Guatemala there are companies that have a system of environmental management based on international certifications.

Roxandra Hornquist, coordinator of Environmental Quality and Natural Resources Unit -DIGARN- said: On behalf of DIGARN, we want to thank AgroAmerica for the knowledge shared. Our environmental assessors have been strengthened in the new subjects.

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