AgroAmerica Trains Central Office Personnel To Respond And Evacuate In Case Of Earthquake Or Fire

AgroAmerica Trains Central Office Personnel To Respond And Evacuate In Case Of Earthquake Or Fire.

Guatemala, November 2012. Last Friday, in the central office of Agroamérica, a course on how to respond and evacuate in case of earthquake or fires was given to a group of employees that will work as leaders in charge of training the rest of their colleagues and guide them in case of emergencies.

The workshop was given by the director of the Technical Training School of the Municipal Firefighters with the support of Seguros Validat, with the aim of training the staff to act correctly, prevent injuries during earthquakes or fires, and to know how to react and evacuate the building.

The next step is for the leaders of each level to train the rest of their colleagues, according to what they learned in the course.

Some of the recommendations that must be followed in case of an earthquake or fire are the following:


  • Do not wait but begin evacuation immediately.
  • To walk crouched to inhale less smoke.
  • Touch doors carefully before opening because they could be very hot.
  • Call the firefighters immediately.
  • Use the stairs, do not use the elevators.
  • Make sure that everyone is out and headed to a meeting point to count all personnel.


  • Stay calm.
  • During the earthquake, you must not walk or run out and when it ends, you must proceed to evacuate through the established routes.
  • Keep away from glass.
  • Protect yourself in a safe place until the earthquake stops and then follow the instructions that the group leader will give.
  • The theory of the triangle of life was explained.

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