Agroamerica trained their personnel in first aid skills

Agroamerica trained their personnel in first aid skills

Guatemala, July 2012. Last week, Agroamerica taught a first aid course to its farm personnel as a part of an overall human resources training program. This course was given by the local, municipal firemen from the area of La Blanca, in Ocós, San Marcos. The course was tailored to address the specific needs of banana farm workers.

The training lasted approximately five hours and was focused on the prevention of and attention to the most common accidents which occur on the farms and processing plants, such as: wounds, pulled ligaments, twisted ankles, hemorrhages, techniques to immobilize bone fractures, and workplace risk assessment, among others.

Both farm personnel and administrative personnel took part in the training course whose objective was to teach a group of employees to be able to actively support the doctors and nurses on staff at the farms in case of any medical emergency or accident.

“We promote these types of training courses because we care about the well-being and security of our employees”, said Bernardo Roehrs, director of Corporate Affairs.

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