Agroamerica takes measures to reduce to zero pineapple Carbon print

Agroamerica takes measures to reduce to zero pineapple Carbon print

Costa Rica, November 2011. Agroamerica joined Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications, the Pineapple Exporters’ National Chamber and five other companies to measure the Carbon print of pineapple-producing farms, with the aim of reducing it until carbon-neutrality is achieved.

In the first phase of the initiative Agroamerica is measuring the carbon emission produced by fossil fuel use, as well as defining the locations the forest mass able to capture CO2. At the end of this data-gathering phase,which includes collecting an inventory of farm equipment and recording its fuel use, phase two will begin the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, which will eventually lead to lower fuel use and increased production of forested areas. The aim is to reach zero carbon emission in one year, and be the example for the other farms to follow.

Piña General Manager Luis Falcon said the company decided to join this program to satisfy their customers’ growing demand for more environmentally friendly products.

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